I am ready to go on and say
goodbye without a sigh.
I can be at peace knowing
how hard I tried.

If this is all about competing
and fighting for your attention
or love. Then to make this
easier, I give up.

Thank You for teaching me
self worth. The next woman
I deeply love, I’ll make
sure is sent from God above.

I never really was much
of a man. Couldn’t protect
a girl or take a stand.

Life will begin when I’ll meet you again,

no matter how old I get, you shall always be older.
I never had the IQ to be smarter.

So thanks for lessons in life
I am an examples of what a man should
never be, are the gifts taught to me.

I turned and made my God into money
Don’t worry, I’ll never find peace
with all my cash to cause worry.

Fortunes are made, and Fortunes are lost
Similar to My soul. Merry Christmas
I shall carry with me, a no well.
Cast at some point into hell.

I used and exploited me, cashed
in on a girl that was My world.
Now she has given up on Me.
I’m a stupid boy, that never knew.




I like when you
This spark in your
I know you’re
I know that you
When I’m with you
I’m in paradise…
When I feel your
I’m sure we’re
We’re true lovers…
Connected two
We’re like two
soul mates
Flying much too
We might get burnt
and we might cry
But we won’t
give up!
and we won’t die!


When Does It Stop?

When does the time come for a heart to stop hurting?

How long does it take for the dull yet constant ache to fade away?

When does life start to return to the way it used to be?

When does happiness finally trump sorrow and joy conquer grief? 

When does the passion for life return and the desire to hide go away? 

When do the tears finally start to flow so the healing process can begin?

Who will stand beside me as I walk down this road?

                                                                © Shyamansh.

A Day Without You

A day without you is like a fish without the sea,
It’s as dry as the leaves falling from the autumn tree.
A day without you is like a bee without the flower,
No honey for the bears to seek out and devour.

It is a part of nature for these things to be together,
Separating them is like the sky without the weather.
A day without you is like a heart without the soul,
For it is in our nature to be together as a whole.

© Shyamansh.